Welcome To The Football Fan’s Diet

Are you looking for a weight loss solution that works and is an end to yo-yo dieting?


The Football Fan’s Diet is a unique approach to dieting modeled on a full NFL football season.

Each day you get Touchdowns for doing healthy stuff, such as sticking to your intermittent fasting 20/4 plan. Conversely, you give up Touchdowns and Field Goals for not doing healthy stuff.

You can do with any diet, not just intermittent fasting. You can count calories, go Keto Diet, Low Carb, Atkins, Vegan, Plant-based. The diet you pick is your “Playbook.”

The FFD Wire

The dude called “Scratch” is trying to lose some serious pounds. See if his efforts are successful by reading along… Besides health advice, focusing on intermittent fasting 20/4, and his unique scoring updates, you will also get a little bit of NFL news, latest trends in beer drinking, and other commentary deemed suitable for middle-aged fat guy consumption—and the women that love them!