Practice Squad - 1 

I pulled in a win…I think.

I pulled in a win…I think.

I guess I won… I’m still fat, but it is the holidays and maintaining is really a win… Okay, don’t tell that to my imaginary coach. The box score follows, but I got booted last week from the real team and this is just a “practice squad” week.

This was the last of the Warrior’s Diet DGO. It is changing for next week in what I hope is a very interesting way.

This was the last of the Warrior’s Diet DGO. It is changing for next week in what I hope is a very interesting way.

What the hell is the Practice Squad?

I’m not sure really, but due to work, I had to simply take time away from the Football Fan’s Diet. Thankfully, it really wasn’t because I gave up or caved in to the Christmas parties and holidays, but rather because I had a major product release at work, which demanded I put in full time and then some, to get it launched.

For the most part, I am not disappointed with how the holidays have transpired. I have held my ground I guess and to a certain extent, that is something I can hang my football helmet on.

In any case, I decided to call this week a practice squad week and the next one one too.

Plus, I should add that in a rather boneheaded move, my calendar was off completely. I wanted my Super Bowl of Health to end when the pool’s open. So, I needed to insert two more weeks on this Season so I don’t wrap up two weeks early - if that makes any sense.

So the next week is a practice squad as well. Let’s just call it a period of low postings, mostly do to, I guess, life.

No matter, I am freaking really excited about a new wrinkle I am planning for my approach to the regular season, which is starting really soon. Stay tuned folks.

Images From The Fifty Yard Line

No images this week. Picture a fat guy engaging in various mundane activities.

Scoring Summary

  • Sunday - Watched the Steelers lose to New Orleans on the road. This team was 12-2 I think and the Steelers showed they could play with anyone. Too bad the poor games against Oakland, Denver, Cleveland and the blown lead against the Chargers have come back to haunt them big time. Season is just about over, but there is a small chance.

  • Saturday - Recoup day. Hit Club Julian.

  • Friday - Uber ride from Hal’s Bar to the Local Brew House on Pittsburgh’s North Shore. Back again later for drinks. Met Big Red at Hal’s.

  • Thursday - 8-buck steak night at the Hiland Bar. I think I had gyros too.

  • Wednesday - Ditto.

  • Tuesday - Pretty sure I did a Warrior’s Diet. An unhealthy version of it. I need to make the 4 hours healthy.

  • Monday - Night at the gym. Club Julian is where I need to settle for the long term. I can’t remember what I ate this night, but I wonder if it was healthy.

This Week’s Box Score Blog posts

Here are some lengthier thoughts from Scratch that popped into his noggin this week…

  • Sorry, none to report this week.

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