Week 1 - Preseason 

The first week of Preseason is in the books. Here is my box score for the week and a scoring summary below. This is like my personal food journal. It might be boring info to some, but if you read through it, you might see patterns that you recognize. You might discover you are doing well or you are doing as bad as I am…

The long road t o health… continues in earnest.

The long road t o health… continues in earnest.

There you have it. The first complete week of Season 47 - Preaseason is in the bag.

There you have it. The first complete week of Season 47 - Preaseason is in the bag.

Scoring Summary

  • Sunday - Game time. Steelers versus Jags. Stopped at Pizza Roma in the North Hills of Pittsburgh for a few beers with the boys, and to take in the ballgame. This place had an incredible buffet that required only a couple bucks donation. Somehow the Steelers stole one from Jacksonville Jaguars. Not sure how. Don’t care. They were getting pummeled all game, and then they freaking blew it. Anyway, I walked the neighborhood earlier that day for some exercise, but otherwise, ate a little too much to stay within my DGO. Still, it was close to being a good healthy day. I will need to figure out how to keep it reasonable the day after a successful 600 fast.

  • Saturday - I copied Big Red. Enjoying a Johnny Walker Black label on the rocks, while updating the Football Fan’s Diet. Really healthy eating today. Daughter has a play so all within reason.

  • Friday - Popped in at the Wheel Fish Bar & Grill in Ross Township. Met a good friend and we migrated from beer to a much more healthier low carb alternative—Scotch! It was smooth baby, and good. Just had a couple. No hangover. We tasted a couple different varieties. Could a new more sophisticated drink take the place of pounding cheap beers with the boys? Hard to say. I will say Scotch brings out a certain mellowness versus the Jack Daniels that got me thrown out of the Wheel Fish a year or so ago. Hey, I was still right. Anyways…

  • Thursday - Beers with the old man at the Highland Bar in West View. Was really tired for the evening, but heck, the wife suggested I get a visit in now because Friday will be a busy one.

  • Wednesday - Return home. Ate a lot, but geared up for a good healthy week. Holidays are fast approaching. Hmm. I need a game plan. This is the toughest part of the season—typically. Maybe, I’ll have a beer and think about it.

  • Tuesday - Sensibility has returned. No beer while on trip. Long day at work and early to bed. Hell, one might say healthy.

  • Monday - Up to the Motor City for a trip. Realization that beer sabotages my best health plans. Hung out at a TGIF bar and watched Monday night football. Healthy as heck all day, only to let beer push me over the limit for the day.

Highlights from the fifty yard line

If you were down there on the field with me, if you were in the trenches, here is what you might have seen. Most of it, mind you, is suitable for children—I think.

Video Highlights: Pizza Roma Reaction - Ben Scores the Game Winner

Next Up: Week 2 - Preaseason: Thanksgiving Week

Week 2 Preseason will be challenging. We got Thanksgiving and I love Thanksgiving. Heck, The Polish Prophet, who can be found in the above image carousel, said it is the best day for day-drinking yet. And so it shall pass.

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