The Football Fan Diet Rules - How To Do It


Daily GameDay OBJective

The Football Fan's Diet centers around the Daily Gameday Objective—or DGO for short. This is that one goal that if successfully attain on this one day, it will advance you one step closer to being a healthier version of you.

If you attain the DGO, you score a touchdown and an extra point for being awesome. There you get 7 points for that day. Here are examples of what a DGO can be:

  • Meeting a certain caloric level such as staying under 2,000 calories
  • A successful day on whatever stupid diet you like such as Intermittent Fasting, Paleo, Adkins and so on. 
  • Not smoking
  • Avoiding beer and booze
  • Saying no to certain restaurants
  • Running or walking a certain mileage
  • No punting poodles 

Generally, your Gameday Objective can be anything you like so long as it makes you healthy.   

 Eat it up fatso...

Eat it up fatso...

give yourself Touchdowns and field goals

Each day you meet your DGO, you get a TD. Optionally, you can select an added achievement that makes it an even more healthy day and give yourself a FG for doing so. 



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