Season 47 Standings

Each season on The Football Fan’s Diet includes the main phases of a full NFL football season. Week and in and week out you keep track of how you are scoring. You play a whole season, advancing from one part to the next. Ideally, you make each phase of the diet a bit harder to achieve.

  In Week 4 - Preseason, I got my fat butt kicked.

In Week 4 - Preseason, I got my fat butt kicked.

Analyzing Your Season

One of the cool things about the Football Fan’s Diet scoring system, is that you can, in theory keep records.

  • How many points did you score in your best season?

  • What was your longest winning streak.

You see in regular calorie counting and boring old Whale Watcher’s you don’t really get a sense of how well you do comparatively on a day-to-day or trending basis. Moreover, most diet plans tend to be binary in their success. You either did it or not.

Well, on The Football Fan’s Diet, your Daily Gameday Objective is binary. You either did it or not. Like in real football, you either won or lost. However, the amount of points you score or give up in any given week, like a real football game, can prove to be very insightful to your health transformation and weight loss goals. It can tell you how well you won and badly you lost. Not all losses are bad and not all wins are great.

I encourage you to check out my box scores to see how my weeks go on a day to day basis.