Regular Season

The regular season is 16 or 17 weeks long if you optionally choose a bye week.

A bye week is a where your goal is to maintain your progress during and kind a chill out perhaps for a vacation, long holiday, or whatever.

The key the regular season of the Football Fan’s Diet is that you must have a winning record to advance to the playoff phase of the diet.

If during the course of the season, you reach a point where you can do no better than go 8-8, then you will not make the playoffs. Sorry. That’s all she wrote. The fat lady has sung.

No worries though, you can start over. That’s part of the fun too. If you do start over and want to keep the same Season name based on your age (which is what I do), just add a “II” and go again. Or, a “III” if that is even mathematically possible.

Anyway, the idea is to have fun. If you loose, be honest with yourself and try again. When you finally get it right, it will be neat to go back and review that bad season to see how far you came on your weight loss, health transformation or whatever healthy goal your are trying to attain.

Having stated that, if you manage a winning record, you advance to the next part of the season…