In the playoffs, you make your DGO (daily gameday objective) harder to achieve. If you were staying under a certain caloric level for instance, you might make that level that much harder to get a TD.

If you loose during the playoffs, you are done. Your season is over. You can then opt to do OTAs all over again until you ready to start another preseason.   

So, you might say in layman's terms, The Football Fan's Diet is simply a diet, but it is much more than that. The Football Fan's Diet attempts to make losing weight, or achieving any other positive healthy lifestyle change, fun for you. It is obviously geared to men who love football, but women can do it too. So whether your are an enormous blubber-wrapped Packers fan, a gut-busting die-hard Steelers fan,  a Cowboys fanatic who lives off of tailgate food, The Football Fan's Diet is the diet for you. You learn to use the metaphor of football to change your life in a healthy and positive way. That is what the Football Fan's Diet is all about.