Welcome to the Football Fan's Diet

The Football Fan's Diet is an irreverent weight loss plan that pokes fun at all other diets, champions the ability to guzzle beer. On the Football Fan's Diet, you don't count points or calories, you count touchdowns and field goals. It is serious too.



For my fat ass

If you want to loose weight, quit smoking, get on the wagon, or refrain from kicking the dog, it would be the diet plan you need.  

Generally you will follow an entire NFL season - 6 months. Wait it get's better. 

That being said, it is January 1, the first day of Season 46 I (You can number your seasons however you like, but I like to use my age and a I or II to denote if it is the Spring Summer half of the year or the Fall Winter). As I update this post I just got back from the gym and feel like balling up and hiding in our little family room. 

Losing weight is tough. No mistake about that. Winning a Super Bowl can be tough too. Just ask the Cleveland Browns. However, if you change your mindset and get the right coach and development talent maybe winning a championship comes down to deflating some footballs, cheating, video taping the enemy and stealing players. Okay. I am cool with that. 

The bottom line is that I need to get my ass into gear this year. I can't let the Fat Man win this season. Nope. Can't do it. I need to hit that gym and hit it often. How will I do it? Well, you can find out by checking back here often my friend. 

I have no idea what kind of success I will have this year, but I do not one thing. The last time I did the Football Fan's Diet and it worked, was back in 2009. Heck, you can even use the way back machine to see that I am not making this up. So, the Steelers are primed for a playoff run, sitting there with a first round bye. Maybe, just maybe, this is the season – where it all comes together like it did in 2009.