Field Goals

Exercise for 30 minutes? How about a field goal for that?

Exercise for 30 minutes? How about a field goal for that?

Optionally, select a mini DGO add on to your Daily Gameday Objective. This can be a health goal can really highlight that you went the extra mile. If you do it, give yourself a field goal. Here are examples of common field goals you might consider:

  • Each time you exercise for 30 minutes

  • Each day you eat plant-based

  • Each day you run a certain distance

In short, your field goal is something extra in addition to your DGO.

Example: My DGO is to eat under a certain amount of calories a day and stay under that caloric average all week. If I do, I get a TD. However, I add a field goal to my score when I put in 30 minutes on the elliptical. Therefore, if I eat under a certain amount of calories and put in a half hour on the elliptical, I could score 10 points (7 for a touchdown, 3 for a field goal). I refer to these as “Dynasty Days” but you can call them whatever you like.  

Field Goals - Against

Too many beers? Maybe you should give up a field goal for that?

Too many beers? Maybe you should give up a field goal for that?

The corollary is that if you are going to count field goals, then come up with some reason to give them up too. It is only fair right?

This can something that is not that bad, yet still something you did that was undesirable. It could be something like having a DGO that dictates you score a touchdown when you stay under a certain amount of calories, but you had diet soda (which isn’t good for you) or a soemthing that was not in aliment with your eating plan—some kind of loop hole. For me, that is beer. Moreover, sometimes I smoke a cigar instead of eating. Not healthy, but it helps me attain my DGO for the day.

Field goals are optional. However, if you want to add a little more fun to your weight loss journey on the Football Fan’s Diet, then come up with a health achievement that shows you went the extra mile in terms of your DGO and then happily add a field goal (3 points) to your score for the day.

Example: I give myself a field goal if I exercise for over 30 minutes. Therefore, my Daily Gameday Objective might be to stay under 1800 calories per day. If I do that, I get a touchdown, and if not, I give one up. However, I get a field goal if I exercise at least 30 minutes in a day.

You may find field goals beneficial from the standpoint of identifying which days are the ones on which you really kicked butt. You scored and got a field goal? Those are days that show you are a health franchise dynasty. Those are what I call “Dynasty Days”.

If I have beer on an given day, I give up a field goal. This is not a deal breaker. I may well stay under my calories, but it is quite informative to see how many field goals I give up in a week. Sometimes it is a lot more than I care to admit.