Boycott NFL sponsors - if Antonio Brown plays This Season

Posted by Scratch | Thursday, September 12, 2019

Right now I am embarrassed to be an NFL football fan because of the Antonio Brown situation and you should be too. It was a circus before but it only involved football then. The rape allegations brings this to a whole new level and this cannot be dismissed like a helmet he doesn’t prefer to wear.

I hope the NFL moves swiftly and remand him to the Commissioners exempt list because that is the right and only thing to be done—it’s not even a no-brainer, it’s a No-CTE-brainer!

Exempting him takes off the field. It protects the the NFL brand. If the Patriots won’t do the right thing and sit Antonio Brown out, until the matter is properly looked into, exempting him must happen. Rape is far too serious of an allegation to let him play.

Think of a police officer when they are involved in a shooting. They are given administrative leave until everything can be checked out to ensure that everything went down according to the book. That is due diligence and prudence to ensure that the system does not get out of hand. The police officers are usually paid while they do this and Antonio Brown should be no different since he has not been proven guilty of anything.

The fact that Antonio even practiced one day is beyond ridiculousness and shows what a bunch of scumbags the Patriots are.

And what about Antonio doing the right thing? For crying out loud he was so incensed about his helmet being banned that he wouldn’t show up to training camp. Now that he is accused of rape, showing up at practice seems like a fine option now. Why is that? Is it because he stands to lose just about everything he worked for?

Let’s face mask it for a flag. With the Raiders, he wanted out to begin with. Now, he wants to fly with the Patriots but that don’t fly with me—and it shouldn’t fly with you either.

Of course I am a Steelers fan. When he left the Steelers I thought he was starting to go off the deep end. From a behavior standpoint, he was never that bad in Pittsburgh, at least in terms of what the public got to see. However, the past year when he was in Pittsburgh, the signs were beginning to show that this is a man that went bad like bad potato salad left out at a hot August tailgate party.

AB got pulled over doing 100 mph on a stretch of highway that runs through my suburban Pittsburgh. This stretch is a stop and go traffic type of neighborhood, heavily commercial, even though the stretchy part he was on, was kind of, a little bit, of an opportunity to punch it—but who really does that? Making Smoky and the Bandit do it in movies.

Then there was the incident in Miami where he jettisoned his furniture from his back balcony and was sued because he nearly hit a toddler down below. Who does that kind of thing?

I know who does that thing? A bad, bad, bad man.

The same kind of guy that would force himself upon his trainer in a way described by that trainer in her Federal lawsuit against that bad, bad, bad man. The same kind of guy that would use that misogynistic hateful language that was rather incoherent in the email to that trainer.

The NFL must stand to be something greater than stand behind a man that has done nothing but embarrass the league and make fans embarrassed to be fans for the past year or so.

Of course Antonio Brown is a good receiver and everybody wants to see if the Patriots can run the table with him in that offense. Everybody knows that Coach Bill will make it right. Everybody knows that AB will fall in line when Tom Brady is throwing the ball at him.

F that. They should throw the book at him.

It is time that fans refuse to put up with this crap any longer from these type of pro athlete numskulls that would clearly be fired from any normal not located in the Oval office.

So what can do as outraged fans. Boycott the NFL sponsors this Sunday. Don’t buy their crappy beers or mediocre pizzas.

You read it hear first: If Antonio Brown plays on Sunday for the Patriots, until this thing is resolved, I will avoid any products and services advertised during those games. Yes, I will boycott crappy beer and pizza too.

Sadly we live in a world where a boycott is the only thing that might push the NFL in the direction of what is right. When the NFL loses money, they care. That is how they continue to view the usefulness of Antonio Brown.

I have never before been an advocate of boycotting things for political reasons, but this is something that should happen if the NFL refuses to do the right thing here and exempt Antonio Brown from all football games until this matter can be more closely looked that.

The NFL should put him on an eight game exemption and see if the Patriots are willing to pay him for doing nothing for eight games. The Patriots apparently have a clause in their contract, where they can void his money if he goes about tarnishing the brand or embarrassing the team somehow. They would be right to move on that clause at any point while he is on the exemption list.

And what about Antonio Brown’s agent Drew Rosenhaus? What a scumbag he appears to be. Not only is there a reason to believe that he may have orchestrated a deal with the Patriots to inflame Antonio, encourage his boorish behavior to get kicked off the Oakland Raiders, but I find it hard to believe that he or Antonio knew nothing about this lawsuit that was in the works. It just stinks to high heaven.

If I were the Patriots I would look at this as a non-disclosure violation. For crying out loud if I buy a house and the guy I bought it from didn’t tell me it was flooded at one point, I would be pissed, and I would want my damn money back. The Patriots would be right to do the same. However, if they stand by Antonio Brown, what a circus that will be—what a joke of league.

Jeez. What if the Patriots knew about the rape allegations and signed him anyway. Seems hard to fathom that a team would sign him on the heels of the Raiders antics. Unless, of course, it was all a conspiracy to orchestrate Brown to the Patriots.

Didn’t James Harrison pull this act to get on the Patriots. What about LaGarrette Blunt? AB, you may recall, did a video with James Harrison trolling a Steelers press conference.

I don’t buy for a second the Patriots are worried about AB tarnishing the cheating Pats. Hey may have been in cahoots with them since Harrison.

If the Pats were worried about ABs reputation affecting the team, well, it has before he has even caught one pass. It will last all season long and maybe that will be fun to watch and we can take solace knowing that this will be the final unraveling of the once great Patriot’s dynasty that’s been bothering us for 20 years.

Of course that Dynasty will be marred by videogate, deflate gate, and now—rapegate?

I would prefer not to see that happen. I would prefer that the NFL do the right thing and bench him. But if not, all of us embarrassed NFL fans with a sense of common decency, should send the NFL a message loud and clear by boycotting the sponsors of the games played on Sunday if they insist on sponsoring a man that could be well guilty of raping a woman.

Only time will tell what the NFL will do, and it should unfold fast at this point.

Faster than a blink of an eye, Antonio’s Patriot career could be over before it even got started. And if it goes forward, my dollar will not go to the sponsors on Sunday. What the hell. Maybe I’ll make dinner that day and fork over extra money for craft beer. At least I can relax and not perpetuate this embarrassment to the sport I love. That dude AB may laugh it all off, but at least I can lean back and enjoy a beer. AB looks pretty damn small when you have a 50 yard line seat on the moral high ground.


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