A few rough weeks, but I'm back

Sunday, August 11, 2019 | Posted by Scratch

Since my last posting, wow, it seems that my health has been challenged—and them some. Not only did I have to deal with the Thrush, which it turns out could have been the result of low iron, of which the cause of that is yet to be determined, but I caught a cold on vacation.

So I am still miserable. I still struggle with low energy. And, I have fallen off the health wagon.

Truth be told I was ready to give up on this website, but I am going to keep pushing forward. The reason being is that when I was writing about my health, I was dealing with it and getting better. Now, however, it seems I am back to struggling.

I need to go back to that focus. I need to get back to that Warrior’s Diet too.

Is it freaking me or what? I was able to successfully do the Warrior’s Diet for a long time—over thirty days-and it was becoming second hat. But, then what did I do? I made it more complex. I started counting, if not obsessing over, every damn calorie I ate. That is not good.

I was into a good routine and then what the F happened?

Well, I guess I was feeling run down, and then we got flooded or that kid ran over our tree and wrecked part of our landscaping. I still need to file a damn insurance claim. It would be my theory that the stress I dealt with ran me down and then I got the Thrush. When that cleared up, we went on vacation and pretty much I had a cold the whole time and am now, right now, dealing with a head cold, nasty cough, and low energy.

The low energy thing really sucks.

It sucks because I have ambitious ideas that if anything require a super high level of energy. I have to find a way to get that back. I have to find a way to get back on the health track. Yes, I guess I have had a bad past month or so, but there is still almost 5 full months left in the year. I need to get the weight down and the energy back up.

So this post is to say I am back. Wish me luck.