The Sunday night recliner—and plans for Intermittent Fasting 20-4

Posted by Scratch | Sunday, September 29, 2019

PITTSBURGH (FFD) - It is Sunday night and I am sitting on the recliner in my little office watching football. Who would’ve thought the New Orleans Saints could beat the Dallas Cowboys without Drew Brees. Chris Berman used to have a famous expression, “ That is why they play the games.”

As they played that game, I ventured down to the Highland bar for a couple beers with the boys to take in the game. Good and quick time. I’ll be back though for Monday Night as I am sure the rest of the nation is excited to watch my 0-3 Steelers take on the equally pathetic 0-3 Bengals. That’s not exciting but what is—to me at least-is another winning week on The Football Fan’s Diet.

Intermittent Fasting 20-4

I have played intermittent fasting football games for the past several weeks on the intermittent fasting 20-4 protocol. I have been doing the Warriors diet and it has been steady and progressive.

For the uninitiated, this amounts to 20 hours of fasting with a 4 hour eating window where you can eat whatever you want. Yes, it is that simple. If you make it more complex, you tend to screw it up. More on that later.

As September concludes, I can honestly say that getting back to the basics of intermittent fasting has paid off in September.

I’ve lost a little over 2 pounds a week without really paying attention at all to what I eat during my reward meal of four hours. Some of those meals would really make one scratch their head too.

Week 3 Box Score: 70-12, W.

Week 3 Box Score: 70-12, W.

Benefits of Working Out In The Morning

I have consistently went to the gym each morning during the week. That has really had a positive impact on my lifestyle. Each day I get to the gym shortly after I have coffee and sometimes before I even do my daily planning. It is now becoming that thing I do in the morning to get going.

However, I still got a couple more weeks to go if I want to get that record of 36 consecutive days of the Warrior’'s diet without losing. I am on a great winning streak right now of almost 21 days. My record of successfully doing the Warriors Diet without fail is 36 days. My humble goal though is to win everyday from now until January 1. I also went to average at least 2 pounds a week and try to get in another 30 pound loss by the end of the year give or take—we got three full months to do it.

I’m continuing my landscaping project on the side of the house, while dealing with a ton of contractors from painters to drywall specialist. Finally I am paying someone to cut the lawn and that is frees me to focus on those other more ambitious projects I have in mind for the outside of the house.

In October, I plan to keep doing what I’m doing and getting better at it. I’m not going to count calories nor am I’m going to count how many beers I have, because I think soon as I start doing that I’ve already sowed the seeds for my failure. I am no longer even comparing my weight loss on a week to week basis.

If I weigh myself, I weigh myself. It is just my weight at the moment in time I decided to step on the scale.

The numbers will be motivating but they can also wreak have it on your health plans if they appear to be discouraging.

But I will say what number is on my mind and that is the 36 day record of doing the Warrior’s Diet lifestyle. I want to see that record go down and I’m gonna keep going until 2020. It starts in October. It starts now.