Another winning day goes by on Intermittent fasting

Posted by Scratch | Thursday, September 26, 2018

PITTSBURGH (FFD) - So far the week is going great. Each day I am working through my list and trying to get that routine in place to set me up for success and long-term health.

Each day I strive to have a four hour healthy eating window and adhere to my intermittent fasting protocol of 20 hours of fasting with four hours of reward meal food consumption.


Having stuck to this regimen now for over two weeks and still winning, I am reaping the benefits of the schedule.

I’m getting more work done and I am advancing my goals both personally and professionally. However, there are pockets of non-focused attention that I need to illuminate next.

I can be such a damn daydreamer at times. Next thing I know a good amount of time is gone by which could’ve been used to write on my blogs, update my book, or go exercise.

Here is a look at September so far…

Here is a look at September so far…

A busy weekend approaches. My daughter has homecoming dance and there’s all sorts of other personal contracting projects and yard work to be done. So far so good on this Thursday. I plan to go to a local watering hole tonight to have a beer or two and keep it reasonable.

The Steelers play the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday night football this week and that is exciting. I think it could be an opportunity for the Steelers to slowly begin to put some kind of season together. The AFC North is really weak this year so maybe it might be possible to crawl back into it.

So now that Antonio Brown is out of the picture and back in college, he might be able to secure rights to a sequel to Rodney Dangerfield’s Back To School. If AB was such an A-Hole, there might be some real potential there. But, now that he is silent, I can focus on my own football matters at hand—intermittent fasting football matters.

I can now focus on my health uninterrupted from insane football players. Now, I have a minimum of distractions to deal with.

Oh wait, I forgot our President is being impeached. It is hard to get away from that. It is everywhere on the real news and fake news.

In some weird way I think Antonio Brown and Donald Trump have a lot in common. They both seem to think the rules don’t apply to them and are shocked when they do. We can’t be bigger than the rules and I’m gonna keep that in mind as I continue on the Football Fans Diet.