Need to increase my time of possession

Posted by Scratch | Thursday, September 19, 2019

I exercised. Boom. A FG is gained.

I exercised. Boom. A FG is gained.

PITTSBURGH (FFD) - Today’s posting is about focus and productivity, getting things done. The whole point of intermittent fasting to me is increasing my ability to be a more productive human being. I want to achieve certain goals and for a while, I thought I had too many. But, what I am realizing as of late, is that if I focus on what I need to do, I have more time to do it. This means minimizing time wasters—social media, news. That sort of thing.

Yesterday was another day of scoring a TD and FG for exercise. I did have a couple beers in the evening to give up a FG, but it was barely over my 2 beer grace allotment (I don’t incur, or give up, a FG, if I have 2 beers or less).

Another winning day!

Another winning day!

I also made a huge list of stuff to focus on and I nearly made it through it. The problem is—I am kind of not used to getting so much stuff done in one day. On top of that, there was a certain irritability factor at work with me yesterday. Was it lack of sleep? Do I need to be sure to take my iron pills?

Today is now the fourth day I want to really keep to this routine of morning exercise, getting an update in on all my sites, plus a little writing. Then, by 8:30, be ready for my day job. It is all about getting the right things done and not less things—at least at this point. When I focused, I was amazed that I seemed to have more time than I thought yesterday - since I deliberately reigned myself in from Facebook and news.

But today is another day.

It is Thursday morning and the sun is just starting to peek out. I have another challenging list of stuff to do. Each day I want to push myself to focus more and more on the tasks at hand. I was on point in an earlier post when I fretted about trying to do too many things. I thought maybe having a full time job, running a couple websites, writing a book, plus doing all the things my kids need me to do, was too much.

I was wrong.

What have learned is that I waste a considerable amount of time thinking about what I want to do and not doing it. When I start doing it and minimize the thinking, there seems to be more time in the day and my aspirations, as challenging as they are, seem more achievable.

My new insight is that until I have mastered the ability to focus, I can’t shortchange my long term goals by throwing them out. This is like saying, well, I can’t focus so it would be easier to have less to do. Along that line of thinking, I thought about closing some projects. Now, I think differently.

From a football metaphorical standpoint, I liken focus to the concept of Time of Possession. I need to be possessed with the ball and getting things done and not distracted. That’s what I plan to do today. I am going to channel my energy into focusing on advancing my intentions and desires. Will you join me?