Making Taco Tuesday More Healthy on Intermittent Fasting

Posted by Scratch | Wednesday, August 18, 2019

PITTSBURGH (FFD) - Yesterday I went out with the old man for a few beers at the Highland Bar in West View. It was Taco Tuesday after all and how could we pass on buck tacos? How could anyone pass on buck tacos?

Met the DGO of the Warrior’s Diet.

Met the DGO of the Warrior’s Diet.

My old man and I have this tradition of switching between who buys the beers and who buys the tacos. The tacos are a buck—as stated—and they are good—for a buck.

The problem is that the last couple times, they are also soaked in grease at the bottom of the shell as the ground beef does not seem to be toweled down.

So, for a while, I quit bringing these tacos home for the family. They fell apart and soon lost their appeal. Then it dawned on me—maybe I can make my tacos more healthy.

Morning exercise at Club Julian.

Morning exercise at Club Julian.

So yesterday I ordered vegetarian tacos. This is a big step for me.

They came with lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, onions, salsa and sour cream in soft shells. No meat.

Sounds boring right? I had a plan.

On the way home, I hit the grocery story for a pack of boneless chicken breasts. This ran me about five bucks.

I quickly went home, and it being my reward meal on intermittent fasting, threw the chicken in the pan, and after spicing suggestions from daughter, and about fifteen minutes later, I had freshly grilled chicken to put in my tacos.

This improvisation on the Tuesday Tacos worked like a charm.

I also had a good workout yesterday so I scored a touchdown. My new routine seems to be working fine and I am getting better at making more healthy choices.

The tacos were a good start—and damn if they didn’t taste good too. Today I aim to build on getting things done and being committed to getting things those done. Let’s see how it goes. Now then, what happened to those left over tacos?

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What the heck is the FFD? Click the button below and find out.

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