Time to start a new season - Intermittent Fasting 20-4

Posted by Scratch | Tuesday, September 10, 2019

PITTSBURGH (FFD) - I lost again yesterday. I had this notion that I would eat a small meal in the afternoon and hop skip to the gym at night. Instead, after I had a Jimmy John’s Hunter’s Club, I found myself depressed around late afternoon—say 5 pm, on a stifling Indian summer afternoon. I crashed periodically. Then, I caved in—later. I ate some big hefty sandwiches. I shoveled some more down my pie hole. Today, the scale shot back up to 297, and laughed. I felt awful, despondent, and powerless over my health.

If you read the last post, so much for ADF—alternate day fasting. That experiment did not last long, and I am reeling from it, and have lost my direction. While there are superlative highs for sure, I felt like my diminished willpower was not up for the challenge. I quit, I had noticed, in other areas of my health system too.

I avoided my journal and tracking food. Yesterday I braved the statistics and now the weight is trending upward.

I am a battle right now for the heart of my health, literally, and figuratively. So what can I do to stop this, and get going again?

For one thing, I need to simplify my intermittent fasting and get back to the OMAD style. I did that 36 days and it became a habit. I ramped up the stakes by counting calories, and while I lowered my weight by doing so, I got nailed with a sickness, which in all honesty I have still not recovered from in terms of my health plans. So here I am again, on my own (going down the only road I’ve ever known). I am back at it. Square one.

So what I am going to do? What game plan do I need to get back on track against my inner fat slob.

The Daily Gameday Objective: Intermittent Fasting 20-4

I am going to keep it more simple this time. I am going to commit to OMAD form of intermittent fasting. I only have myself to blame if I screw this up. No more excuses.

Never in a million years would I quote a man who might be the biggest asshole of our generation that is not holding an elected office. Yes, in the laughable words of Antonio Brown, “Ain’t no more games. This is my life.”

Ask my inner coach. Ask my inner John Gruden.

Taking another page from AB’s book, I will burn the village down to find comfort in the village—or whatever mad, nonsensical crap AB uttered upon getting his ass purposely thrown out of Oak Town. Hey, if he gets to start over, no reason I can’t (knock on wood if you are with me!)

To keep The Football Fan’s Diet going too (not that a whole lot of folks care) I am going to get away from the Pressers and the Box score updates. It takes too much time. Still, I am going to keep the Football Fan’s Diet rolling along—until I keel over or loose all the weight. After all, I put a lot of effort into this… May as well see it through.

I feel that if I can get back on track one more glorious time before the end of 2019, I will have something to be proud of. Right now, I don’t have that pride. I don’t have that confidence. Instead, I have that White Snake song in my head.

So here I go again on my own (all apologies to White Snake—for not apologizing the first time). Season 48 - There And Back Again.

Season 48

I will give myself a first down from the spot of the foul that was the past couple months and bring in a new season that will take me to 2020. On this season, my goal is pride. There is still over 3 months left. That is a lot of football to be played. My goal is 30 lbs. That would be a remarkable confidence builder heading into 2020. I need to focus on doing that.

Now then. Who is with me as my OMAD journey on The Football Fan’s Diet continues? Let’s get after it.