Week 11 - No Intermittent Fasting, Vacation Coming Up

Week 11 - Week Before Vacation, another break on Intermittent Fasting

Another week off the Football Fan’s Diet. Nothing to see here people. Move along. These aren’t the droids you were looking for… For whatever reason, I had given up this week, stopped, or halfheartedly went about Intermittent Fasting. So, how do I get it back? What week will I pop back up on here?


Box Score

Monday (Punt) - Punt.

Tuesday (Punt) - Fumble. Didn’t care. Do you?

Wednesday (Punt) - Nothing to report. I was hot air ballooning with Antonio Brown.

Thursday (Punt) - Another week off. It is summer. Who cares? Working out with Zeke maybe?

Friday (Punt) - Went to Wheelfish Bar and talked politics. Okay, was that a good idea? Leaving for vacation tomorrow-Ocean City.

Saturday (Punt) - Off to Ocean City, MD. Man, our whole car is sick with a cold or flu. What a rough past several weeks. Seriously, things have sucked.

Read more Box Scores. Hey, note that “green” numbers indicate a weight loss and “red” numbers indicate a weight gain.


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