Week 11 - Presser: The Wheels Come Off Intermittent Fasting

Posted by Football Fan’s Diet Front Office

Coach Coarksoaker tells it like it is…

Coach Coarksoaker tells it like it is…

Each week Coach Coarksoaker will discuss what worked well for Scratch and what needs to improve. You have to be careful because he is a mean SOB. With all that being said, Coach Coarksoaker will now take your questions.

What did Scratch do well last week?

Nothing, he quit tracking his progress. So it looks like he took a week off here—much like I have given up on his sorry ass. He had beers on Friday and then left for vacation on Saturday. Maybe he is done doing this? What a lazy piece of crap.

What needs to improve

He is still fighting his cold. He needs to be serious about getting healthy. Colds, being rundown, low energy, is about the norm for this fatso.

Any changes for the coming week?

We are gong to keep doing the same plan. So far, it seems to be working. What the hell, I still have a job… (Hmm. Does he?)