First day of ADF, rocked—finally a successful day intermittent fasting!

Posted by Scratch | Thursday, August 29, 2019

PITTSBURGH (FFD) - So yesterday I talked about getting back into intermittent fasting by jump starting my effort by using the ADF, alternate day fasting protocol. It went extraordinarily well.

For the uninitiated, Alternate Day Fasting is essentially not eating one day and eating the next. Simple as that, but there are some quirks. You can have 500-600 calories on a non-fasting day. So, if we are being technical, this is more properly described as modified ADF. I am okay with that. I think those calories make ADF something that can be done for the long term. There are other benefits too.

When I have the challenge of 500 - 600 calories, I seem to make it healthy. I did that yesterday by having a homemade carrot juice, a green juice later, and vegetarian chili. It is like I need some amount of good calories to get the most of those 500 - 600 allowed calories. It is my hope that bias towards healthy foods on fasting days, will carry over to non-fasting days.

Now then, what was more important was that I got more done yesterday than I have for a long time. I wrote. I worked. I hit the gym. I read. I got some stuff done on my websites and I didn’t get pissed off or frustrated with my projects. Was it the food? Did the food create the mood?

I don’t know. But, on this non-fasting day, I ate a three egg and bacon omelette for breakfast. This was strategic in nature because my goal is to not hit the main meal starving and willing to go hog wild on whatever is put in front of me. Right now, I am pleasantly stuffed—and the scale went way down for the first time in a long time—and I am going with that approach at least for the next few days.