Going to try ADF - Modified Alternative Day Fasting - to re-ignite my season

Posted by Scratch | August 28, 2019

PITTSBURGH (FFD) - Things are off the rails and I am now putting weight back on. Whereas there was one fateful, sick week where I had hit the 270s—of course from being unable to eat solid food—I am now back up into the 290s. I have regressed. Worse, my state of health is really not conducive to success. I have very low energy and a sinus infection, which I can’t seem to shake. Things don’t look good right now.

I have to bust out of it, somehow. So what I am going to do?

Alternate Day Fasting (Modified)

I am going to start alternate day fasting to really begin to cleanse my body and to break the tyranny of the Friday beer. On the fast days, I will have no more than 600 calories. Also, on the fast days, I want to have raw fruits and vegetables. I want to put good clean fuel in my body. It is my hope, this is the jump start I need. For now at least, it sounds like an exciting proposition.

On the non-fasting days, I will stick to Warrior’s Diet. I can have fruits and vegetables until the reward meal comes calling. Let’s see if that helps?