Week 13 - Falling off the Intermittent Fasting Wagon

Week 13

Weekend Ending: 8/18/2019

Champions lakes, Pennsylvania (Near Ligonier, Pa.)

Champions lakes, Pennsylvania (Near Ligonier, Pa.)

I am back on the Intermittent Fasting wagon. Man, do I feel like I lost a lot. Scoring wise? Forget about it. I won’t con’t it this week. I will still take punts But, I am convinced, I can get back on to Intermittent Fasting.


Box Score

Monday (Punt) - Nothing to report.

Wednesday (Punt) - What do I have to share? Nothing.

Thursday (Punt) - Zilch to report.

Friday (Punt) - Futility.

Saturday (Punt) - Hey golfed at Champions Lakes in Ligonier, Pa. Beautiful day for gold.

Read more Box Scores. Hey, note that “green” numbers indicate a weight loss and “red” numbers indicate a weight gain. If not weight is indicated, it means I really don’t care to share.


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