Getting back to the basics, The Warrior's Diet, and intermittent fasting 20/4

Posted by Scratch

Friday, August 16, 2019 - PITTSBURGH (FFD) - It is slow going, but I feel my return to the Warrior’s Diet is helping me return to normal. You see, I was going gungho over my health for a while. Earlier in the season, I had a record 36 days straight on the Warrior’s Diet and then decided to change it, count calories, make it more challenging. After all, I had it all figured out—right?

Then life happened.

In a little over a month and a half, I had a guy wreck his car into our driveway tearing up a landscaped island resulting in the destruction of a poor weeping pine that was over twenty years old. Then, you got all the claims and paperwork stuff to do.

A short while later, or before, our back room got flooded, while I was working. For whatever reason, that really stressed me out. Hence, I may have worn down my immune system and as a result took on a case of Thrush, which resulted in a lot of pain in a short amount of time. I couldn’t eat for days. Lo and behold the cause of that ailment was likely that I was dealing with low iron anemic deficiency. Now I am taking iron pills, but still don’t quite feel like Iron Man yet.

More recently we had a water pipe burst in the main second level bath and that caused extensive damage to the master bedroom closet, sub floor in the bath, and the ceiling in our family room.

I forgot to mention that we had a vacation in there to Ocean City which was really nice. However, we all got a form of a cold or flu and to a certain extent I am still dealing with that in the form of a sinus infection. I also forgot to mention that upon returning from vacation, my pond pump was clogged and my pond was turning green from an algae bloom. In a panic, I put in too much algaecide and killed all of our fish.

Needless to say, I have not been updating the Football Fan’s Diet much and thought about even sun-setting the damn thing for good. You see I read an article about trying to to do much.

It was a great article and it made me think that while I have ambitious plans to write a sci-fi techno thriller, loose a bunch of weight and blog about it, create several successful directory websites and manage one freelance writer who is working on a project on behalf of Scratch Writing, all the while making things work at my full time contracting job as a senior technical writer, that maybe, just maybe, I bit off more than I can chew.

Maybe I am trying to do too much? I thought about it and began to think that ultimately I want to publish my sci-fi techno thriller novel The Midas Protocol above all else in life—all other dreams. Maybe then I should punt the Football Fan’s Diet?

I read some some self help articles on focusing on one task at a time. This got me thinking about getting rid of multiple goals. I agreed with the premise that you can’t really be doing tons of stuff at the same time and expect to have good results. You need to focus on one thing at a time.

Okay. It is hard to argue that point.

That being said, I think my problem is focus and not the goals I have. So think about that. I could get rid of The Football Fan’s Diet, my ideas for directory websites, and just focus on getting my book published. Not a bad idea. But, because I have trouble focusing on one thing at a time, does that mean, I just need only one thing to do?

That is really dealing with the problem at hand is it? But, what is the problem at hand. I see it now. It is focus.

I easily get distracting or I spend too much time thinking about all my goals all at once. I need to compartmentalize them.

So now I am thinking that what I need to really do is simplify and become more organized and plan better and work on developing laser-like focus. So when I have a time slot to work on the Football Fan’s Diet, I only work on that and don’t think about the book or anything else. Then I can move onto my book, my sites and what have you.

I think focusing on focus is what I need to really do. It does bring up one point, however, that must be addressed. I need to the right amount of time to focus on these goals. Naturally, I can’t focus full-time on the Football Fan’s Diet, my book, and my other projects. I need to be realistic about what is maintainable and what time I can devote to these efforts and when I do put myself in that time, I actually focus with laser like acuity on that project at hand.

So what does that all mean?

It mean’s I may need to simplify the Football Fan’s Diet, so that I can keep doing it to the bitter end. Hell, I haven’t lost or really gained any weight in the past month and a half and given all the crap that went down in the past month, maybe that ain’t so bad.

As for my health, I am returning to the simplicity of the Warrior’s Diet.

I won’t count calories. I have a four-hour window and I need to keep to keep to that. When I do eat, I need to eat as healthy as possible. I did that for 36 days in a row and then I made it more complicated. Complexity kills.

So back to the Football Fan’s Diet. Back to intermittent fasting Warrior’s Diet style and back to that thing called life that sometimes can run over you like a linebacker you didn’t see coming. That’s the game plan. Now let’s play some ball.