Week 14 - Presser: A ho-hum start, crappy finish to week on intermittent fasting

Posted by Football Fan’s Diet Front Office

Another Crappy YouTube Selfie Video: Coach Scratch

Each week Scratch discusses what worked well for, well, Scratch, and what needs to improve. You have to be careful because Scratch can be a mean SOB. With all that being said, Coach Scratch will now take your questions.

What did Scratch do well last week?

I made an effort. However, my effort never really got off the ground though. One might say that last week was like driving in first gear from Monday through Thursday and then stalling out completely Thursday through Sunday (and on Monday and Tuesday too)

What needs to improve

You can see from last week’s video presser that Scratch still have this stuffed head. His energy has been low and it is therefore hard to get anything done. Nutrition wise, he has been eating poorly—even on days he so called stuck to intermittent fasting. Hell, it is hard to get up in the morning—all stiff. It is hard to get motivated—low energy. It is time for a jump start.

Any changes for the coming week?

We are changing to the alternate day fasting approach. This is 500 - 600 calories of plant based eating, every other day. This also is an attempt to break the tyranny of the weekend. No longer can Friday be a day to look forward to—it can on some days. Scratch will only count calories on fasting days—to say under 600.