Week 13 - Presser: Coach Corksoaker is fired, new player coach Scratch

Posted by Football Fan’s Diet Front Office

Really Crappy YouTube Selfie Video: Coach Scratch

Each week Scratch discusses what worked well for, well, Scratch, and what needs to improve. You have to be careful because Scratch can be a mean SOB. With all that being said, Coach Scratch will now take your questions.

What did Scratch do well last week?

I will say he at least gave it a shot. He actually won but his bad days more than made up for his good days. Not sure not counting calories is the way to go. However, he can’t obsess over them either.

What needs to improve

Scratch needs to get his groove back. When did he loose it? It all started with the flood, if you think about it, but Scratch is still hear fighting.

Any changes for the coming week?

We are sticking to The Warrior’s Diet. No points if weight doesn’t go down. (Am I serious about that last statement?)