Week 12 - Intermittent Fasting on Vacation? Screw it.

Week 12 - On Vacation in Ocean City, Maryland

A very nice time, but was fighting a cold—along with everybody else too. Still, had beers and relaxed. Everyday I had a big giant freaking breakfast—eggs, sausage, bacon—so totally went away from Intermittent Fasting.


Box Score

Monday (Punt) - Eating the big breakfast.

Tuesday (Punt) - Man, killing the large breakfast, but what happened to my intermittent fasting?

Wednesday (Punt) - Nothing to report. Ate like a champ—at the big breakfast buffet.

Thursday (Punt) - Return from Ocean City—still had to eat the big breakfast.

Friday (Punt) - Back home and under the weather. Great.

Saturday (Punt) - Not sure what went on this day. I must have been running out patterns with AB.

Read more Box Scores. Hey, note that “green” numbers indicate a weight loss and “red” numbers indicate a weight gain.


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