Scoring update: Is it Time to get back to the basics of intermittent fasting?

Saturday, July 6, 2019 | Posted by Scratch

I ate way too many calories. I gave up a touchdown to The Fat Man.

I ate way too many calories. I gave up a touchdown to The Fat Man.

PITTSBURGH (FFD) - Yesterday was an atrocious day on the football fans tired. Not only did I blow the eating window, but I also ate way too many calories, found myself at a McDonald’s late at night eating double cheeseburgers. In short, I was a laughing stock.

For all of my creative calorie counting shenanigans I am wondering if I am simply just getting to fancy about things and it is now all coming back to bite me in the fat butt? I came up with all of these "beat the averages” crap, which might be an excuse to go over my daily limit for a day and hopefully find some kind of statistical way that my unhealthy day aligns with my average at the end of the week.

I had way too many beers. This day got away from me.

I had way too many beers. This day got away from me.

In theory, that’s not a bad idea. However, I am finding that I am obsessing over the calories and that sometimes even when calories are low it doesn’t necessarily translate to weight loss in the end, so what is the point? It makes me wonder if I would be better off with just shooting for the four hour intermittent fasting window, which I was able to do for 30+ days in a row, and then make it my goal to eat healthy naturally?

However, I can’t overlook that when of the reasons I added the whole notion of counting calories is because I was eating too much during my window? So what should give? Count calories and go crazy or hope to eat healthy with less stress by just confining my grub to my eating window? The greater question: am I at a crossroads? Will I reverse and go back or break through and get to the 270s. Damned if my awful day yesterday won’t set me back at least another week in terms of plans to hit the 270s.

Ultimately the scale or tell me if what I’m doing is working or not, so maybe it is time I get back to the basics of just getting that for our intermittent fast in and letting the magic of intermittent fasting take care of the rest.

But for the record, it is important for me to record my state of mind on a day when I totally blew it. These are those 0-10 days. For crying out loud, in these days of failure surely there are surely clues as to why The Fat Man had his way with me. So let me try to summarize what happened yesterday.

It was the day after the Fourth of July and I was tired. I know I was tired. I had no energy, or low energy for going to the gym. Now why was that? I was tried from the night before—from walking all those miles in downtown Pittsburgh during the Fourth of July celebration. But, I was not in a very positive mindset. And, I had little energy the day before when I hit the gym.

Compounding matters is that a car wrecked into our driveway today and ran over a ton a landscaping. The police, fire department, ambulance and tow truck were there and all the neighbors were out en masse to see the spectacle. Thankfully nobody was hurt.

This event was traumatic for sure. My son was upset as it destroyed a really nice tree we loved. It also set me back on landscaping. Because of this, I felt I needed a beer. So I popped in at Hal’s. Later in the evening, after I picked up my daughter, we stopped and got grub to bring home. As the kids had their burritos, I made a McDonald’s run and there you have it—a laughing stock day on The Football Fan’s Diet.

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