Week 10 - Bye Week. No Intermittent Fasting 20-4.

Week 10 - Bye Week

0-0 - Sorry FFD folks. I took a week off from the website and The Football Fan’s Diet. It had to be done.


Box Score

Monday (Punt) - Not sure what was going on here - it was the week prior to vacation. Other than that, it is one big gray area.

Tuesday (Punt) - Another blank day.

Wednesday (Punt) - Nothing to report. Zilch.

Thursday (Punt) - Wax on. Wax the week off.

Friday (Punt) - Nothing to see here… Move along. These aren’t the droids you are looking for.

Saturday (Punt) - Another punt day. Yeah, I pretty much threw in the towel.

Read more Box Scores. Hey, note that “green” numbers indicate a weight loss and “red” numbers indicate a weight gain. No numbers indicate I am embarrassed or don’t want to know.


Just what the hell is all this crap on this page?