Week 6 - Presser: Solid, even-keeled week of intermittent fasting

Tuesday Presser

Tuesday, July 2, 2019 | Posted by The Football Fan’s Diet Front Office

Coach Corksoaker likes no one.

Coach Corksoaker likes no one.

Coach Corksoaker, a real mean nasty SOB, will now take your questions.

Were you impressed with the Week Scratch turned out in Week 5 - OTAs?

In short, I was. I have to give credit where credit is due. It wasn’t always pretty but he put the week in and got the touchdowns. He bent a little, but never broke.

Week 5 was a pretty steady week too. In fact, it was one of the first ones where the Friday, Saturday, Sunday days, were as healthy, if not more so, than Monday thru Thursday. In years past, Scratch was healthy in the beginning of the week, but only to see it all undone on the weekend and thus starting over.

Are you going to change anything this week?

Not at all, things are going well. I like the Intermittent Fasting 20/4 playbook while counting calories. Scratch can run this offense.

Is Scratch continuing to lose weight?

Yes, he is and that has been impressive. However, this is the first week in recent memory where Scratch has started Monday even—that is no weight loss. Does that mean he is running into a plateau? Not sure?

If it is a weight loss plateau, he should known how to deal with that much better. You may recall his frustrations with the 290s weight loss plateau. There is no reason to suspect that breaking out of the 280s into the 270s won’t be any easier.

It took Scratch 19 days to go from 298 to 289. So, if we are doing what we have been doing, then it is likely the 270s are still a week away. Right now he is lingering in the 286 range.

Scratch simply has to hold steady against The Fat Man.

So if hits a plateau, what will change?

Numb skull. Did you hear anything I have been saying?

There you go ladies and gentleman—Coach Corksoaker has better things to do and will now leave. Presser over.

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