NFL News: 18 game NFL Season? I’ll take it

Friday, July 19, 2019 | Posted by Scratch

As many of you know the NFL is considering An 18-game regular season. At first I hated the idea, but now I seem to like it—or maybe I still hate it. I am torn, but I think I like it, or could come to like it. Here is why.

I only like it if the players are only allowed to do no more than 16 games during that 18 game span. I think adding those two extra games adds a dynamic element of the regular season, which will result in getting more second and third team players on the field.

This could make games more interesting. There will be a strategy involved, after all, such as when to rest really good players. When do you sit down your franchise QB?

So when you look down the road and see that you have the league laughingstock lined up, such as the Cleveland Browns, although they are not supposed to be anything but this year, you can choose to rest your starting quarterback, and get them some downtime so I a back up player, who doesn’t really get a chance to see the field unless there is an injury, gets to see it.

If anything,an 18 game NFL regular season will really help the teams that struggle to reach 500 gain a little more respectability. After all, most good teams well rest starters for the cupcake games, thus creating an opportunity for the bottom feeders to get a win.

Then again who knows, an 18 game regular season in the NFL, might totally backfire.

What if every team rested their best players on the first two games of the season, thus relegating the first two games to official regular/preseason games.

From a safety perspective, adding the two extra games might mean the NFL can finagle a way to ensure that there is a bye week before each Thursday night game for every appointment.

So there you have it, we believe 18 is more than 16 and therefore more football is good and it greats some interesting added dynamics. Does that mean will be adding two extra weeks for the regular season of the football fans diet? Hell no. That is a stupid idea.


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