NFLXSX? If the NFL were to expand, could hipster Austin support a team?

I know the McNairs and Joneses won’t like it, but the best unoccupied market in these United States [for an expansion football team) is sitting right down the road from Houston and Dallas in Central Texas, writes Albert Breer in an article posted on Friday. That’s right, Breer writes, a little over a decade after both the Raiders and Saints flirted with the area, the San Antonio/Austin metroplex (yup, we’ll steal that from Dallas too) is ripe and ready to be home to an NFL team.

Breer notes that two cities aren’t seen as a combined market but are just a few Buc-ees Truck Stops away from each other, sitting less than 80 miles apart—the Alamodome is actually 83 miles from Sixth Street in the state’s capital. And thanks to the growth of both areas, Bree writes that the urban sprawl between the two is probably 10-15 years away from melding the two metros, with small cities like San Marcos and New Braunfels in between.

Other writers for position Montreal, Portland, Oklahoma, Anchorage—talk about cold weather football, Bismarck—yes, in North Dakota, and the Quad Cities in Iowa—I know one of them, Davenport.

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