Son of a "B" - Mexican tariffs could hike beer prices at the stadiums (and everywhere)

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We all know trade wars suck—its what really started the whole Empire versus the Rebels in the Star Wars movies right? Hell, nobody wins when we must pay more for beer, and the recent news is that some of our favorite beers might cost a little more at the Stadium this come fall when the NFL kicks off—that is unless Mexico complies with President Trump’s demands to curb immigration on the Southern Border.

For starters, beers from Mexico will be hit with a 5-percent tariff, which could go up to 25-percent if Mexico doesn’t apparently roll up the red carpet Trump believes they have rolled out from South America to the Rio Grande.

There is a lot of beer—and hence money at stake.

Brittany De Lea for Fox writes today that the U.S. imported $3.6 billion worth of wine and beer from Mexico last year, according to government data. The U.S. imported 773 million gallons of beer alone in 2018, an 8.6 percent increase over the year prior and more than it receives from any other country.

According to the Beer Institute, De Lea writes, tariffs on Mexico would constitute a $12.5 million cost increase to importers during the month of June alone – a cost that would reach $374 million by the end of the year. A 25 percent tariff would increase costs by $984 million each year. Those cost increases, like many others, are expected to be passed on to the consumer.

Nobody wins when we pay more for our beer. We have to stop this—“I am the sheriff and this is my tariff” diplomacy!

De Lea goes on to list the states that might likely see the highest increase in beer prices. To see the full list and read her original article, click the link at bottom.

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Forgot about the expensive beer for a second and let’s great ready to start The Football Fan’s Diet.