So How Hard Do NFL Football Players Workout In The Offseason

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I have been harsh on Le’Veon Bell the past few years, but that can be forgiven right? I am a Steelers fan after all. Le’Veon rightly brought a lot of ridicule upon himself by routinely starting the season late or as he has done the past season, skipping it entirely. To be fair, the following video posted on YouTube in 2016 shows just what Bell will do to stay in shape—when properly motivated.

Le’Veon Bell Grueling Workout Routine

(Note: Must double click to watch on YouTube. Sorry about that…)

Rumors were rampant that during his ill-fated to some, but heroic to others, holdout in which he skipped the entire season, that Bell had ballooned up too a very heavy weight. However, the following recent picture from the Jets OTA sessions shows that the rumor was more bloated than Bell. He looks fit and ready to get pummeled behind a poor offensive line.
Photo: Jets website. Bell looking slim and trim.

Photo: Jets website. Bell looking slim and trim.

10 Freaking Awesome Offseason NFL Player Workouts

This video contains some of the workouts of well known offseason fitness NFL maniacs including clips of Terrell Owens’ famous “driveway workout”, Marshawn Lynch’s grueling beach workout routine, and OBJ catching bricks… Which might be a good skill set to have now that he will be catching footballs in Cleveland.

(Note: Must double click to watch on YouTube. Sorry about that…)

One Man Attempts To Do It Like the NFL players

Pro bodybuilder and football strength and conditioning coach John Meadows takes fitness guru Jeff Nippard through a typical NFL workout. Is it tough? You be the judge.

Must we all workout like an NFL athlete?

The answer is no. I get out of breath watching these videos. Still, it is often not talked about, at least compared to the all negative stuff that dominates the NFL world, the amazing workout routines that NFL football players put themselves through to be the best. Being our best, is what The Football Fan’s Diet is all about. Our goal is to try to emulate that excellence in our every day merely mortal lives, between beers and barbecues of course.

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