What NFL QBs can chug beer the best?

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At first, David Bakhtiari just wanted to get a reaction, writes Ryan Wood in an article posted on USAToday.com. He was eating dinner with teammate NFL Packers QB Aaron Rodgers and a mutual friend, an employee for the Milwaukee Bucks, before a playoff game against the Boston Celtics when he learned he’d be on the JumboTron that night.

What did this friend of Rodgers do—well, he chugged a beer. My man.

“We were talking with Aaron,” Bakhtiari said, “and I was like, ‘I think I’m going to chug a beer.’ Why not? Get the crowd really amped up. People enjoy a nice beer chug,” quotes Wood in the article.

Apparently this guy Bakhtiari has some skill at chugging a beer.

His ability to drink beer quickly – one unofficial count had his chug clocked at 2.96 seconds – became a phenomenon overnight, Wood writes.

“I think we got the desired effect, exactly how Dave wanted it,” Rodgers said. “Just more attention for him. The big guys, they don’t get a lot of credit from time to time, and there’s some innate abilities that people just have, and he’s got it, and I’m really proud of him.”

Wood notes that Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes chugged a beer at a St. Louis Blues game. Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen chugged a beer at a charity softball event and even Patriots quarterback Tom Brady chugged a beer on the Stephen Colbert Show, Wood notes.

For my money, I have never seen him do it, but I bet Big Ben could chug a beer with the best of them.

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