Putting the speed limit on the intermittent fasting with calorie counting

Why you might want to count calories during your intermittent fast eating window

Scratch contemplates how to screw up his success so far on The Football Fan’s Diet… He is 301 pounds in this photo.

Scratch contemplates how to screw up his success so far on The Football Fan’s Diet… He is 301 pounds in this photo.

Posted by Scratch

PITTSBURGH (FFD) - So I’ve proven I can do this intermittent fasting thing where for 20 hours of fasting for hours I need my ass off. The operative phrase in that whole sentence is eat my ass off and then work to change if I truly want this to be a steppingstone—this intermittent fasting approach—to ultimate house. 

This week I—or Coach if you want to look at it that way—is putting in kind of a speed limit on the four hour eating window of my intermittent fast Warrior Diet type of plan. 

Essentially I can have no more than 2,200 calories during any eating window! 

I will try to do that. If I do a four hour eating window and I go over that amount then I will consider it as having given up a Touchdown on the Football Fan’s Diet.

Is it time to focus on the Intermittent Fasting eating window?

One of the beautiful things about intermittent fasting is it easily puts you in control of your eating lifestyle. I like the simplicity of it. I like the fact I don’t have to make complex breakfast decisions. I like how I get up and go and get on with my day. 

I also liked how I could eat whatever I want during the four hour eating window but that part is, sadly, kind of gone now with these new rule change stipulations by Coach Corksoaker. Well I won’t say it’s totally gone: I can still eat whatever I want. I just can’t have more than 2,200 calories, which if I do every day, should be enough to guarantee that I lose at least one pound of week.

How much weight per week should I lose?

If I want to lose 2 pounds a week according to the weight calorie calculator I am using, I would have to get down to under 1,800 calories. I don’t know why but that just does not seem like a lot of food to me—especially as a 300 pound fatty.

I know. I know. It would take like 40 heads of lettuce to eat that many calories and that is therefore a lot of food. Dammit though, I could eat a freaking softball or punctured football and that has no calories—“I need some cals bra.”

I could do that when I was 30-years-old because at that point in my life I did lose a lot of weight, and I did it by keeping it under 1,800 calories per day.

But let’s face it I am almost 50-years-old now. I do not need to freaking kill myself here—“Plus, where is my beer?”

Having my beer while losing weight and drinking it too

2,200 calories builds in maybe a beer or two (if I want to have a craft beer and not worry about it). So I’m kind of excited about that. I also know I have a tendency to really get into some things,and if I find it is easy to do, I am sure my Net Calories (Calories minus calories burned for exercise) will be much lower. 

The other aspect of putting the speed limit on the intermittent fasting eating window in terms of a caloric limit is that I am merely shooting for an average for the week. If I go over one day, I am not going to beat myself up for it, so long as I stay under the average and by the end of the week I am under 2,200 calories. My goal is now to do this for 30-days without losing. This would would be the next milestone on my weight loss journey, my transformation from a fatso into a healthy middle-aged American male.  

Scratch can  have beer, but if he has more than two on any given day, he gives up a    Field Goal   .

Scratch can have beer, but if he has more than two on any given day, he gives up a Field Goal.

I wrote an article the other day about the Infinity Health Stones. And I talk about the amount of food as being one of those health stones. I call that the Infinity Quantity Stone (Note: I know I’m getting away from the football metaphor for a moment but I do think that is the next Stone I need to add to my arsenal—don’t let that bastard Coach Corksoaker know about this love for Avengers).

I already added the Infinity Frequency Stone, which is controlling how often I eat. I feel like I got that controlled—that gem is in the gauntlet. The last on my plan, which I have to add, is the Infinity Quality Stone. When I add that gemstone upon the first two gemstones, I think I will be in a very good place.

So for next 30 freaking days, I am going to see how this Infinity Quantity Stone fits into intermittent fasting by limiting the calories I eat during my eating window. Once again, please don’t tell Coach Corksoaker that I am not talking football right now. That guy is just a psycho.

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