The key to weight loss might be the infinity stones of health - which ones do you need?

I’m going to hop off the football metaphor for a little bit and compare weight loss success similar to finding the infinity stones for the gauntlet in the Marvel Comics films, The Avengers, which was worn by Thanos. 

The first stone that you need to acquire in your health gauntlet is the Frequency Stone. I think Intermittent Fasting is excellent at putting the Frequency Stone in your gauntlet. Essentially the Frequency Some controls about how often you eat, which is a function of your health if you really think about it. Health is not only a byproduct of how much you eat but how often you eat. It sounds like an extreme example but if you ate 10,000 calories in one meal, well, if that’s all you ate for four days then, Bingo. You wouldn’t be bad off calorie wise. Silly example, but you get the point

The second Infinity Health Stone would be the Quality Stone. This is say that the quality of food that you put into your body is all powerful. The saying goes, “garbage in equals garbage out.” There is really no way around that wise saying. If you have the Frequency Stone but you only eat garbage when you went to eat then you would really be doing no favors to your health. 

The last infinity stone then I came up with is called the Quantity Stone. The quantity stone dictates how much you eat when you were eating. There is no way around the Quantity Stone. This is the simple calories mantra that we have heard for ages. You need to cut calories to lose weight. You can never just prove that because it is true. However, the other infinity health stones are key to making that work as well.

So there you have it if you want to be a Thanos like brick shit house then you need to gather your Infinity Health stones. You need to get a Frequency Stone, a Quantity Stone and a Quality stone. Put them on your gauntlet and you will change the world my friend.