Intermittent fasting helps you gain control - if you’re overweight

Posted by Scratch

Having done intermittent fasting now for at least over a month and almost two, I can emphatically say it is a great solution to gain control of how much you each. It doesn’t solve the problem completely, but it is a way get a handle on your eating.

More often than not intermittent fasting is about establishing a routine. I have found intermittent fasting to help greatly with establishing that routine and boosting my confidence in knowing that I can indeed control how often I eat, which in turn can lower the overall amount of calories I consumed. 

I think in the past week, however, I have fallen into a pitfall of over eating during my eating window. This week I aim to remedy that.

I hate to use the word counting calories—but that is what I plan to do.

I think I want to say is I want to pay attention to the amount of food I eat and the poor habits that I have, which have been nicely contained to four hours a day.

Getting started on intermittent fasting had me shooting for that four hour window and then saying, “Screw it. Who cares what I eat and how I eat it.”

What IF has done for me is to take an entire 24 hours of previously being unhealthy and containing the bad behavior into 4 hours.

I have used intermittent fasting to shrink my unhealthy habits, but have not eliminated them.  

Containing my unhealthy habits has given me a tremendous amount of confidence. I have lost weight and I do look better just by containing my full day of unhealthy habits and exchanging it for a 4 hour window of unhealthy habits. Is that good enough?

I doubt it.

If my ultimate goal is to dig inside that 4 hour window of eating and examine my behaviors and habits, then I need to up my game. I can’t go to the bar and drink beer like there’s no tomorrow and then have wings and pizza and expect that I’m going to continue to make any progress whatsoever. That would be the work of a mad man and I do have a little madness in it.  

I have to admit that my fear about changing anything now is that I will screw with something that’s working and fuck it all up. However, it has been over a month and a half and I think I need to focus on that window of eating now if I want to continue to push myself into being the full-time healthy living middle-aged great American male.

I should be patient. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day and a healthy lifestyle won’t be built in a 4 hour window too. It will take time.

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Scratch is a middle-aged football and beer loving American dad, husband, and health provocateur. His 48 and is trying to loose weight - a hundred pounds - using everything he knows about intermittent fasting. If you need help getting started on The Football Fan’s Diet, use the contact form and drop him a message.

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