Week 5 - Presser: Sluggish start, champion-like finish to week powered by intermittent fasting, calorie counting

“Not sure how Scratch is doing it, but he is doing it… Since Season 48 started he has lost 25 lbs…”

“Not sure how Scratch is doing it, but he is doing it… Since Season 48 started he has lost 25 lbs…”

Coach Corksoaker will now take your questions. We apologize in advance for any crude language he may use in addressing the media. That’s just who he is…

Coach, What did Scratch do well last week?

A win is a win is a win.

A win is a win is a win.

Once again, I have to go back to what it takes to become a champion. It is about doing the little things. It is about dragging yourself to the gym and getting it done, even when your motivation is low.

Champions don’t quit and we saw a lot of that Monday through Friday. Scratch was not at his best, and even doubted what we are doing here in the first place, yet he ran the offense like he was told. He made first downs and hung in there. Next thing you know, that milestone of the 280s is breached.

Using the momentum of reaching the 280s then inspired Scratch to put in a really good effort as the weekend approached. In some ways, Friday, Saturday and Sunday may have been more healthy and impressive than the days earlier in the week, which is unheard of for Scratch. He usually is a fat slob on the weekends.

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Where did he struggle?

He struggled earlier in the week—he was dejected because he couldn’t reach that 280s weight range, no matter how hard he worked out. But, he still dragged himself to the gym. He stayed committed. Next thing you know, he gets on that scale Friday and then he gets his milestone. This was a question of perseverance on the intermittent fasting playbook. This intermittent fasting is really working for him.

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What will change this coming week?

I don’t think a whole lot needs to really change this week. Scratch needs to continue to pay attention to his calories while doing his intermittent fasting protocol of the 20/4 method. I know he wanted to go straight up Warrior’s Diet last week—when he was dejected-but that ain’t gonna happen. Combining intermittent fasting with counting calories is working. We need to put another good week in.

Does Counting Calories in combination with intermittent fasting work?

Are you a freaking moron. What did I just say? One of the areas where Scratch is making improvements with calorie counting is that he realizes that the calories afforded him—a net calorie total 2,200 daily is a lot of food. He can eat well. He will not starve. Dare I say he is beginning to trust that keeping the calories limited within his intermittent fasting eating window works magic and the numbers have proved that lately.

Excuse me, I am new here… What the hell is the Football Fan’s Diet?

One you types. Oh, brother… Get some every week. Well, I’ll send here…

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