Scoring Update: Let's try the Warrior's Diet approach to intermittent fasting 20/4

Posted by Scratch

PITTSBURGH (FFD) - Yesterday was a touchdown day or what I call a “playoff contender” day where I scored but didn’t exercise and didn’t have any beer. It is plain and simple. I met my goal. However, man, did I squeak by again!

On top of that I am noticing my attitude is a little sour lately and I think I need to tweak some things. I am becoming upset with the numbers and that is not a good thing and that is really something that is not part of intermittent fasting at all. I only have myself to blame for introducing that added level of frustrating complexity to my health plans. 

 Whether Coach likes it or not today I am going to do a Warrior’s Diet style which is a little bit more of a flexible version of the intermittent fasting 20 our four hour eating window protocol. 

On the Warrior’s Diet you can at least have raw fruits and vegetables and some light protein during the day. I did this before and the results were good but I was attracted to complete fasting because I heard it was the way to really power up your weight loss. I seem to have hit a weight loss plateau anyway so I am going to try that intermittent fasting approach for a little bit and see if that makes a little bit of a difference—after all, any difference helps. 

 While I was having coffee this morning I was also thinking in general about my health and how I am thinking way too much about it (and, eh, writing about it too). Yes I have not cracked that 290 pound mark yet and it has become an obsessive number with me. But today I want to let go of that.

I want that mental barrier of the weight loss plateau to just dissolve. Instead, I want to focus on doing lots of other productive things. I can let my intermittent fasting simply work it’s magic over the course of time and no matter how long that time may take. After all, Intermittent fasting is not a sprint but it marathon . 

Hey, sorry, I mean to say is not a sprint nor a marathon but a full NFL season. A marathon is one smooth run after all. A football season has its ups and downs, wins and losses. On that note I have a long way to go until I reach the Super Bowl of Health. 

On the Warrior’s Diet version of intermittent fasting, I had 4 ounces of green fresh juice for breakfast. I will say one thing, I do have a certain burst right now and a little mental clarity from the juice. I plan to hit the gym after work and then rectify the mistakes I made last week at Hal’s Bar & Grill, where I ate a super healthy meal but then came home and ransacked a McDonald’s drive-thru later. 

Could that happen today? It could.

In many weird ways today is a rematch of last Friday. I totally screwed up last Friday. I had a super healthy day in the palm of my hand and it turned into a Laughing Stock day where I ate and obnoxious amount of double cheeseburgers and drank a lot of damn beer.

So it looks like I’m going to attack the fat man today with a Warrior’s Diet style of intermittent fasting. Not sure if Coach will like that call but hey sometimes I need to audible.