Florida couple loses combined 100 pounds with intermittent fasting

Posted by Scratch

When “Wonder Woman” came out in 2017, people all over the world were inspired by Gal Gadot’s powerful portrayal of the Amazonian warrior, writes Brynn Mechem for YourObserver.com.

Sarasota, Florida’s Jessica Wilson, however, was inspired to lose weight, the article stated.

“It sounds silly, but you see these women of all ages, and they look fantastic,” she is quoted in the article. “I was like, ‘Wow, they look so good. I want to look that good too when I’m that age. We’ve got to turn some things around here.’”

Wilson and her husband participated in restricted fasting, eating eight hours a day and fasting for 16. Since 2017, the couple has lost a combined total of 100 pounds.

“What’s so great about intermittent fasting is that it’s easy to understand,” Wilson said. “You fast for 16 hours, but it’s super effective, too. You get into this fasting state where you start burning fat, which is what a lot of people need to do.”

We love to hear this kinds of success stories. Read about the couples full weight loss journey by clicking the link to the article below.