Intermittent Fasting 20/4 plan and weight loss - Does it work?

It seems we are not losing our fascination anytime soon with intermittent fasting. In my case, my preferred Intermittent fasting protocol is the 20/4 plan where I fast for 20 hours and feast for 4. I am into my second month doing it now and the question is does intermittent fasting promote weight loss?

It does and it does well.

For the past ten years I have went up and down on many diets, but the one one plan or method that seems to be more of a lifestyle choice for me is te intermittent fasting 20/4 plan. Here is how I got started.

I committed to doing it for 30 days—or a whole month. I wanted to focus on intermittent fasting as a routine, a food frequency of eating that supported my lifestyle. I made no qualms about what I ate during the fast. None. If I wanted pizza I would it. If I wanted a Burger King Whopper I would eat it. If I wanted a Sam Adams Boston Lager I would drink it. Because I was focused more on establishing a routine versus a goal of weight loss, I avoided the scale too. Far too often that dumb scale would hit me like a the Millennium Falcon hit Darth Vader’s Tie Fighter with a deft laser blast at the end of the first—and I mean first—Star Wars movie. Like Vader, I would go spinning off into planet Fatooine. The next installment of my dieting effort might easily be called The Fat Strikes Scratch Back.

But something funny happened along the way of my intermittent fasting plan of doing the 20/4 which I started in May. I naturally started to choose healthier options as I proved I could log thirty days of doing it. Gradually, I would look for my wife’s fresh green juice blend in the fridge and suddenly had a need for an apple, banana or blueberries and strawberries. My adherence to the intermittent fasting plan of 20/4 started making me want some healthy options.

So in a little over a month, I lost about 13 pounds—and that was not by really paying close attention or discriminating against what I ate. As June has begun, I know what to amp up my intermittent fasting 20/4 plan by adding more exercise and choosing healthy options for the 4 hour eating window. It is with excitement then I will report on my fatness next month.

Meanwhile, if you want to follow along with my progress, or if you need a weight loss buddy if not for nothing but encouragement, hit me up with our contact form.