Scoring Update: Hi Diddle Diddle Intermittent Fasting Up The Middle

Posted by Scratch

Scratch gets it done on intermittent fasting

Scratch gets it done on intermittent fasting

PITTSBURGH (FFD) — Last night I really killed it at the gym. I logged a grueling hour on the elliptical and put in another 20-minutes of pain on the treadmill at Club Julian. I worked up a massive sweat. I cranked out some crunches and I even did a fantastic burnout workout on my tired arms and sore shoulders.

Mind you, this workout came in the wake of a 26-hour, 0 calorie fast. Did I take my progress to the next level (Currently, my next level is the 280s)? Did all this exercise help me punch through to the 280s? The answer is, no. It did not. I was denied—yet again!

I was .2 freaking pounds away from breaking into, or dropping down to, that next weight range—did you hear that? POINT freaking 2. I could have probably stepped on the scale an hour later and made weight.  

I know Coach is all mindful about me and my mental outlook toward losing weight. He clamors for me to not obsess about the numbers. However, I am fired up about hitting that next weight range. Maybe once I achieve that milestone, the 280s, I can relax a little bit at least until that next following weight range begins to piss me off like this one. So as for not obsessing over the numbers, Coach, as much as I love him, can go F himself.

Scratch had his best night yet on exercise.

Scratch had his best night yet on exercise.

I’m kind of torn about what to do on Tuesday. I feel like enjoying Taco Tuesday later today and screwing the gym. However, Coach wants me to challenge myself, eat healthy, and spread out how I eat and what I eat during the week to ensure that the weekends and the weekdays are not such a contrast in health compared to the earlier parts of the week, where I kick ass—why should they be?

Why should I be super healthy Sunday thru Thursday and then be super unhealthy Friday and Saturday? Coach is asking for a more even keeled approach. I guess that means instead of going hog wild like I did last Friday, I should be open to the occasional weekday beer so long as I have an occasional weekend beer—not a keg party. WTF? That is beginning to sound like the “M” word, moderation.

Well Tuesday is here and the Jeep just rolled in the work. That means it is time to get my health on—it is time to play The Football Fan’s Diet. I grab my bag and my Yeti mug and amble to the office building.

I am thinking now of the work I need to do as I sit in the office chair for the next eight hours. But in the back of my mind, the game has begun.

The ball has been kicked I have it. I return it to about the 25-yard line. My play today is intermittent fasting and counting calories and—we’ll go from there. Hey, if you see Coach, don’t tell him I told him to go F himself.

Ready break.