Taking a stab at the next Patriots-like Dynasty—Is stupid.

Posted by Scratch

The New England Patriots have won six Super Bowls since the Tom Brady-Bill Belichick era began in 2001, and it only gets more head-spinning from there, writes Bret Anderson for CBS Sports today.

The article reminds us of the annoying greatness and prowess of the almighty shit-don’t-stink New England Patriots:

Eighteen consecutive seasons with an above-.500 record? Check. More playoff wins for Brady than all but four other franchises in their entire history? Check. A coach who’s been a part of 21% of all the Super Bowls ever played? Check, again.

It's really not a fair question, then, to ask who'll become the next Patriots, because that bar is set so insanely high. But Anderson asks it anyway: which team is currently set up the best to become the NFL's next dynasty?

Without going into all the teams, some of his favorites include the Browns, Chiefs, Colts, Eagles, Rams.

This is all pure fun and speculation but truth be told, it is anyone’s guess. Nobody has done with the Patriots had achieved since 2000 in any previous equivalent decade—and I hate to say it, even my Steelers of the 70s can’t compare to the Patriots of the past two decades of dominance.

That being said, it literally could be anyone in the NFL who is the next dynasty. All it takes is a Drew Bledsoe getting hurt and replaced by the next Tom Brady. That’s not asking too much is it.

But, for what it is worth, read Anderson’s article at the link below.