Dude committed to 3 years, 80,000 miles, 61 national parks—and you think I am nuts for doing The Football Fan's Diet?

Posted by Scratch

Andres Quintero is almost finished with a three-year quest to visit all 61 national parks across the United States and its territories, a CNN article detailed earlier today.

We at The Football Fan’s Diet appreciate that kind of zeal and dedication—You go Quintero!

The man’s latest park visited is one of the newest—Indiana Dunes, the 61st national park, according to CNN. Quintero loved it.

“This park is really surprising because I wasn’t expecting that there would be a 61st national park, and I didn’t expect it would be in the Midwest. So, it’s been like a really pleasant surprise to be here,” says Quintero.

The nation's newest national park "has these sand dunes with this beautiful yellow grass, and the most surprising part is that, writes Katia Hetter, right here in Lake Michigan the color of the water, you would think it's a Caribbean beach," he says.

According to CNN, Indiana Dunes, which was elevated from a national seashore to a national park earlier this year, has just 15,000 acres along 15 miles of Lake Michigan’s southern shoreline. It’s about an hour from South Bend, Indiana, and two hours from Chicago O’Hare International Airport, CNN stated.

This confirms our notion that adventure abounds everywhere—not just on a football field.

The park offers sandy lake beaches for day trippers, bird-watching, hiking over dunes and through forests and wetlands and campsites where Quintero and his fiancée, Rachel Catterson, stay for several nights.

Okay. So you think Scratch is nuts for committing to something as silly as The Football Fan’s Diet to loose weight, I will tell you that there this Quintero fellow right out of the same stock and gourd.

Read the full article about Andres Quintero and his national parks adventure by clicking the link at the bottom of the article.