Scoring Update: Punched In The Mouth By the Fat Man

Posted by Scratch

PITTSBURGH (FFD) - So I fought as hard as I could all week and was pumped to stop the The Fat Man on Friday—after he forced me to punt. As you can tell if you read my last post, I was about as prepared as I could be into play defense on Friday. Unfortunately, the Fat Man ran the ball down my throat on the next possession. I gave up a long score.

The Fat Man punched me in the face for 10 points. I call these “laughing stock” days.

The Fat Man punched me in the face for 10 points. I call these “laughing stock” days.

My calories for the day were outrageous as I actually hit McDonald’s late at night for the rare late night binge. The beer I kept in check as best as possible and all indications were early Friday it would’ve been an OK day if not for the end of the night when I decided to have McDonald’s. 

It makes me wonder if I overdid it the previous five days at the gym? Maybe I was just setting myself up for one of these days that was just going to be a disaster?   

Thankfully the next day, Saturday, I had an average day. I did a four hour fast on Saturday and came in right about my DGO. The silver lining might be that the scale didn’t torture me too much after Friday. I was only up 2 pounds and I’m still down on the whole week. 

As it stands now it is Sunday afternoon and I have a Father’s Day dinner event to attend later today. I also have some aches and maybe a chest cold. I am not sure if I am just still sore from the great workout I had on Thursday or if maybe I’m a little under the weather. 

Still it is amazing how many calories I had Friday night. I think I topped out at 6000 on the day. The amount of calories in a McDonald’s double cheeseburger is over 400 and if I have enough beer I can eat easily 4 of those at night and then some. 

Either way I need to finish this week on a good note. So Sunday I aim to lineup and do it one more time.  Still Friday left a very bad taste in my mouth and I have to figure out a way to avoid those these laughingstock days in the future.

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