NFL asks for refs to have "stricter criteria" for initiating pass interference reviews

The NFL has made tentative plans to push forward with its original plan for introducing pass interference to replay review, ESPN reports today, setting aside for now a series of tweaks suggested last month by its competition committee.

According to an update sent to its teams and tweeted Thursday, ESPN writes that the league expects to have the replay official initiate all potential reviews—including pass interference—in the final two minutes of each half and overtime.

Previously ideas and tweaks were bandied about, including that coaches would have a rule in initiating reviews, but there was much push back. Coaches, apparently, did not want to shoulder the additional responsibility. Plus some coaches felt it impacted their time out strategies too.

Refs will be the initiators of any pass interference reviews and the league has cryptically ask them to put “stricter criteria” in place.

Hmm. What could possibly go wrong?