Scoring updates: Third dynasty day in a row on intermittent fasting and counting calories

Posted by Scratch

PITTSBURGH (FFD) - Would you take financial advice from the accountant that is broke? Would you take drug counseling advice from a guy that was drunk or high? I don’t think the answer is “yes” so I am somewhat surprised when I see so many trainers at gyms that are simply out of shape. The question then becomes: can you learn a thing or two from the trainer if he has all the certifications but it is kind of fat?

Would not the better accountant be the one that is wealthy? Would not the better counselor be the one that kicked his habit years ago and is now a productive member of society? Would not the same logic applies to a trainer? Will not the better trainer be the one that is ripped?
Scratch did another intermittent fasting 20/4. This one was a 1-hour OMAD.

Scratch did another intermittent fasting 20/4. This one was a 1-hour OMAD.

I don’t propose to answer that question, but it does strike me as funny when I see a trainer that has a beer got bigger than mine. I don’t want that dude as my trainer.

Likewise, I am in no position to be trainer myself. I still have 75 pounds to lose. I lost a good 25 from high weight but still… So what value can I offer to you for reading and following along on The Football Fan’s Diet?

Commiseration. Misery loves company. The ups and downs of my journey I suppose. There some drama in not knowing if I will be successful on this mission. I guess that is the allure for now.

So as I make progress on my intermittent fasting 20/4 approach to the The Football Fan’s Diet, I will avoid weight loss tips from a fat guy and focus more on the difficult challenges that face folks that need to lose weight when they attempt to drop a 100 pounds. We are a band of extra large brothers.

That thought aside, I am happy to report that I had my third consecutive day of kicking butt at the gym at night. This is my third dynasty day in a row and they are really good healthy physical days.  I love the gym at night because it is mostly empty and I have a free run of the place. That being said, I ended going to be late and eating late as well, but the results are being talked about.

Scratch watched a whole episode of Bad Blood at the gym. He then lifted some weights.

Scratch watched a whole episode of Bad Blood at the gym. He then lifted some weights.

My wife has noticed. Others have noticed too. In fact, a close friend told me that, “Hey I mean this in a good way, but it looks like you are dropping weight.”

That is motivation my friend. That is inspiration for me to get the next 10 pounds dropped on my F’n Weigh Chart. I am currently hovering around 290. My goal is to taste the 270s in the next couple weeks. Yesterday, I tipped the scales at 290.8, so I am flirting with the 280s, but I want to project that decade of weight as being a mere formality. I don’t want to get into the 280s and settle for it. So, mentally, I want to always be shooting for not the next ten pounds but the ten pounds after that.

I am to hit the gym tonight once again and go get me another Dynasty Day. Thursday typically begins my day of social engagements, which include beer. My goal is to knock the beer days down the two this week, so I am thinking about trying to sacrifice Thursday social beer from that sequence of days. I like my Friday happy hour and Saturday is going to be a cookout for Father’s Day.

Those days will be my carrot. Those beers will be my fistful of carrots (doesn’t sound manly but it sure sounds healthy).   

But so far the week is off to a great start on the football fans tired. How is your diet going? If you need help let me know, strength lies in numbers and commiseration. Remember I have no health advice to give you much like that trainer that drinks more beer than I do.

Still, use the contact form to reach out to me. On that note happy Wednesday my fellow fatsos. Do hear the whistle. The ball has been placed. My Fat Slob is getting set on defense. The next play is about to begin. Ready break.