How to punch fast food in the mouth—and get rid of cravings

Posted by Scratch

I just came across a useful article on stopping fast food cravings on Men’s Health’s website by health writer Cindy Kuzma: Resist Food Cravings With Advice From Neuroscientists . Yes, you can say no to fries, the article is subtitled.

This article provides practical advice for pushing away and saying no to fast food—and serves up a biggie size dose of science to support tips that work to kill those cravings. Or, in Football Fan’s Diet parlance—it provides tips on how to smash fast food food in the mouth with a forearm shiver.

I am not for playing dirty football on The Football Fan’s Diet, but if Ronald McDonald is lined up across the health scrimmage line—I will knee him in the chicken nuggets. I will reach up and twist his french fry, baby!

Like the contents of many a bag of junk fast food, my thoughts on fast food are mixed and very salty.

On the one hand, the bastards behind fast food all need to go to jail for hooking kids on overly processed, nutritionally deficient food and marketing the hell out of it to young ones with toys. However, on the other, I just have to eat a whopper every so often.

Lately, however, the more I exercise and times I run a the gym, the less I even have cravings for fast crappy food. The gym, it would seem, is making me less hungry. Kuzma backs up this notion with some research—because my research tends to not get with a smartphone and a beer.

Kuzma writes this about having that first bite, “…one nibble engages nearly all your senses, delivering a payload of sensory data to your gustatory cortex.”

I didn’t even know that I had a gustatory cortex—wasn’t that something that powered the Back To The Future car? Whatever, my experience backs this up completely. I have been hitting the gym a lot lately.

Heck its been some time since I late night binged on McDonald’s. What was my go too binge meal at McDonald’s? It was typically 5 double cheeseburgers, large fries, and a six piece nuggets. Sometimes I would throw a shake in there too.

While we are on the topic, another binge retreat of mine: KFC. A whole friggin 8 piece bucket of original recipe with packets of BBQ sauce to slather all over it.

But, I digest, eh—digress.

Experience has taught me the more I exercise the far more distant those pangs of cravings for junk fast food become. It was once not so long ago that I when I drove by a McDonald’s it was like, boom—I smell the grease and french fries and am ready to get my binge on!

Kuzma provides an explanation to my Pavlovian response. She writes, “ Regular exercise strengthens your dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, perhaps by sparking the flow of blood-rich in oxygen, hormones, and stored glycogen. The more often you sweat, the stronger your discipline may be.”

Okay. So there you have it. You want to kill those fast food cravings, get your ass to the gym and let your gustatory flex capacitor take care of the rest.

By the way, Kuzma’s full article contains a litany of other great tips about the science behind combating fast food cravings.

Click the link below to go to Men’s Health and there you can swallow the whole thing.