WTF—We still don't know who can call pass interference in the NFL this year

Posted by Scratch

PITTSBURGH (FFD) - Who can trigger a review on pass interference? This questions is surprisingly still up in the air as we head toward the 2019 NFL regular season, writes Kevin Seifert for ESPN’s NFL Nation today.

The new process for reviewing pass interference, approved by owners in March, followed the structure of the existing system, the article states. Coaches would challenge calls until the two-minute warning of either half, after which responsibility would be shifted to the on-site replay official, the article states.

According to Seifert, while coaches would be checked by the existing two-challenge limit—plus a third if the first two were right—the replay official could initiate reviews whenever necessary during the final two minutes and overtime.

What appears obvious is that coaches don’t want the added responsibility. Who could blame them too? Don’t they have enough to deal with already—like making sure the footballs are properly inflated?

During conference calls last week, according to multiple sources, writes Seifert some of them pushed back, in part because of the impact on timeout and challenge strategy. (A coach can't challenge if he's out of timeouts.) This response mirrors the proposal most coaches advocated in March, Seifert writes, to convert the replay official into a "sky judge" who would alert the on-field referee whenever an egregious mistake was made.

Will the NFL create the Sky Judge? Hard to say. For more on this topic, see read the full article on by clicking the link at the bottom.