Which Intermittent Fasting approach is the best?

Posted by Scratch

David Clayton for the website TheConversation.com today, writes about the more popular flavors of Intermittent Fasting and which one come out on top.

He considers the 5/2 Intermittent Fast, Alternate Day fasting, and general time-restrict eating (TRE), which would include my go to Intermittent Fasting 20/4 method (and the 16:8, etc.). The article cites several studies and the website boasts that it is all about “academic rigor, journalistic flair.”

I think they got the journalistic flair part down but convinced they got the academic rigor nailed down. For weight loss, Clayton writes, “ADF will result in a greater reduction in calorie intake compared with traditional methods of dieting, which should lead to greater weight loss, initially. But it’s doubtful that many people will adhere to ADF in the long term.”

He notes, however, that time-restricted eating might be more easy to adhere to in the long run—such as the IF 20/4 or 16/8. That I will give him.

I would agree with it being easier to adhere to IF TRE, but I don’t really support his reasoning here. He writes that most people achieve the TRE ration because of simply skipping breakfast and that it should be noted that when breakfast is skipped that the number of calories burned through physical activity goes down. He refers to the following study: Effect of Breakfast Omission on Energy Intake and Evening Exercise Performance.

The study involved 10 males according to the abstract, but I disagree with this less energy effect. My experience has been the opposite. When I don’t eat during the day, I tend to be way more active.

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