Scoring Update: Totally killed it intermittent fasting 20/4 and counting calories

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PITTSBURGH (FFD) - Yesterday I had a Sunday that more than made up for the Sunday a week ago. You may recall last Sunday was the day I walked around north park lake, a total of 5 miles, and then on that it with lots of Miller light and bologna sandwiches that if I have one more would’ve required another hand account. 

That ruinous Sunday inspired me to start paying attention to exactly what I was eating during my intermittent fasting window on the intermittent fasting 20/4 method. So what did I do? I went out and got a scale in a measuring cup.
Successfully completed an intermittent Fasting 20/4.

Successfully completed an intermittent Fasting 20/4.

Boy, was I surprised when I learned how much milk I had actually been drinking. I have since drank zero mile and started drinking water for a whopping amount of calories to save. 

Another big calories saver I think is using a low-calorie condiments. A tablespoon of mayonnaise is simply not a whole lot of spread and it packs on a whopping 90 calories. I put some yellow mustard on my roast beef sandwich, which is like zero calories and boom, it taste fine. 

I felt like kind of a goofball measuring all my food and writing down the ounces in a little notebook. However my wife supported me on this because she saw immediately the results.

Even though I think the four hour window on intermittent fasting is fine to get a handle on a weight problem that’s out-of-control, I think to use it as a true weight loss tool you have decide to make the fasting window healthy—no matter how many hours long is your intermittent fasting window. In that regards, you still have to be really mindful of the calories that you have during the eating window.
Cleaned the garage and shed, then hit Club Julian for an hour.

Cleaned the garage and shed, then hit Club Julian for an hour.

I do think that after 1,800 calories I am pretty much full naturally, but where the problem area was in the past is that starting to have potato chips or milk or anything that is kind of caloric inhaler can be a huge problem because your body just simply keeps taking it all in without getting that sense of fullness—such is the plight of low nutrient processes carbohydrates.

Now I’m going to try to drink water as much as possible and that can only be a good thing. Not sure if it is tied to milk or not or maybe more to do with 20 hour fast, but since I have done this regularly, I have not suffered spring sinus infections. Hmm. Maybe that could be a post for another day.

All in all, if I can make the past Sunday a model for this week then I’m going to be in a good place heading in the week three of the OTAs on Season 48 of The Football Fan’s Diet.

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